We saw opportunities
when others only saw risks.

Envirex Group is thrilled to announce its recent nominations for Årets Bedrift (Company of the Year) and the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards.These nominations serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work the company has put in over the past 13 years. What makes this recognition even more special is that it extends beyond our daily network, reaching individuals beyond our immediate customer base.

The success of Envirex Group can be attributed to the dynamic partnership between its two founders, Thomas and Kenneth. Their complementary skills and diverse personalities create a powerful synergy. Thomas, with his visionary approach, excels at initiating ideas, while Kenneth’s strength lies in execution and project completion. They both highlight the importance of having interdisciplinary expertise, seeing it as key to fostering collaboration and driving progress in sectors beyond the current focal point of Envirex Group.

Key Principles Guiding Our Success:

Early Customer Engagement: Envirex Group believes in sharing ideas with customers early on. This approach allows for valuable feedback, ensuring that the company aligns its developments with customer needs before significant investment in the development phase. Seeking input from a broad customer spectrum has been instrumental in reducing perceived risks.

Passion and taking risks: Managers and employees at Envirex Group share a common trait; they are risk-takers and have a strong passion for their field of expertise. As Thomas puts it, «When we decided to start our own venture, many were skeptical. While others focused on the risks, we saw opportunities.» The company encourages a culture where calculated risks are embraced, fostering an environment of innovation and growth.

Envirex Group’s employees feel a sense of camaraderie, united by a shared professional passion. The company values individual and collective creativity, creating a workplace where diverse talents collaborate seamlessly.

The Future Path for Envirex Group:

Looking ahead, Envirex Group aims to expand its services around existing technologies. This involves identifying additional service areas for the foundational building blocks already in place, exploring opportunities beyond the oil and gas sector. While the company remains committed to its roots, it is proactively preparing for future shifts in the market.

The organization is agile, evolving in tandem with new business domains. With an emphasis on dynamism, Envirex Group remains capable of swift adjustments in response to market dynamics—a critical factor over the past three years.

Ixys - VJU Software:

A universal programming tool based on extensive libraries and drag-and-drop functionality. Particularly advantageous for real-time remote control of machines and robots, this software requires no programming expertise from users and is compatible with most known systems.

Envirent - Subsea Commissioning System

A recent milestone for the company, this system has been deployed at depths exceeding 1000 meters in the subsea world. Not only does it result in significant equipment savings for clients, but it also boasts remarkable energy efficiency and environmental benefits, aligning with the company’s sustainability strategy.

Envirex Group remains committed to creating technology that not only advances industry standards but also contributes positively to the environment. As the company continues to grow and diversify, its focus on innovation and sustainability remains unwavering.